Worried what might happen to your wealth after you pass?

Remove the risk of poverty from your lineage.


  • Single mother with no financial support who had wealthy grandparents. That could be your grand-daughter.
  • 35 year old man going through a divorce. Their inheritance is part of the financial settlement order. That could be your son.
  • A man controlling the finances of his wife, to her detriment, suffering clear financial abuse. That could be your daughter.
  • An expat originally from an unstable country, living in the UAE earning tax-free income, sending money ‘home’ and now due to change in government policy, his work and his savings at ‘home’ is at risk. That could be you.
  • A business owner or professional living in an area at risk of serious climate change that will affect population movements within the next 50 years. Your children and grandchildren’s lives could be at risk due to increasing floods and areas no longer habitable. 

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Stop procrastinating when it comes to your wealth planning!

Do you find professional advice difficult to access? How about difficult to understand the value of? Prohibitively expensive? Or do you tell yourself that you’ll get round to it one day?

Would you like a solution that contributes in full or in part to the professional planning you are likely to need AND informs you of the type of planning wealthy individuals and families are putting in place for themselves today and why?

Register for our exclusive

"360 Wealth Management Course"



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This is the only wealth management education programme you will ever need.


Practical insights with expert planning strategies.

It covers real world subjects in a way no other course does!

It can save you hundreds of thousands if not tens of millions in stupid mistakes.

It can save you unnecessary heartache when things go wrong in life and you're faced with financial challenges; no that doesn’t merely mean poverty or being temporarily cash-strapped. It also means not being taken advantage of.

Inside the programme, you'll explore two core themes:

  • The importance of financial advice.
  • The importance of estate planning.

Here are just some of the things we’ll be covering:

  1. Why complementary financial and estate planning matters in light of local and global changes/challenges?
  2. Understanding the wealth management industry; the business model and how we make money
  3. Identifying a suitable adviser(s) and managing the relationships
  4. When things go wrong and exploring the Financial Ombudsman Service and Claims Management Companies
  5. Why DIY wills can be dangerous?
  6. How trusts work and why they are crucial for your death planning but what you must be aware of
  7. Assessing your own inheritance tax liabilities
  8. Some Inheritance Tax Planning Strategies
  9. Some Capital Gains Tax Planning Strategies
  10. Why Golden VISAs and Second Passports are increasingly important
  11. Exploring cryptoassets and their consequences on economics and society if they became legal tender
  12. Faith based wills - with a particular look at the unintended consequences Islamic wills

When you enroll, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to over 13 hours of recorded comprehensive videos you can review as many times as you want, when you want, and on any device!  This makes gaining the knowledge simple and convenient for you!

As part of the program, you will have access to your instructor, once you start taking the course.

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Mohammed is very knowledgable, helpful, patient ( he will take his time to ensure that everything is understood), and he has gone an extra mile to help us with our planning.

He has been easy to contact, always replies to emails and has been available to help even after all our planning has been completed.
I can’t recommend Mohammed enough, you will be in good hands.


Mohammad provided us with exceptional advice and service. He is extremely knowledgeable with regard to trust and estate planning. He listened to our needs and put in place arrangements that suited us for both personal and business matters. He is personable, professional, empathetic and patient and goes out of his way to make sure that he answers questions thoroughly. Can’t recommend ADL enough. Thank you Mohammad!

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This course is for you if you are:

  • An aspirational individual who is serious about improving your financial education so they can make better decisions.
  • If you’re earning more than £100,000 and expect to have an estate of at least £2.5M on death.

Also note, we’re comfortable assisting families who have up to wealth of c£20M, although you’ll benefit from the course – you should probably be looking at setting up a ‘Family Office’ to manage your family's wealth.

  • If you’re likely to be facing an inheritance dispute, or likely to be leaving behind a potential inheritance dispute.
  • If you’re in your second or third marriage or you’ve children from different partners.
  • If you have an inheritance tax problem.
  • If you’re concerned about your retirement.

Although there is a focus on the UK, the subjects covered can resonate with whoever around the world fitting the above. But admittedly unless you’re based in the UK or in the Middle East we may not be able to put in place any planning strategies but you’ll be upskilled to identify the type of professionals you need to have in you’re ‘A-Team’ to call upon.

Who shouldn’t attend

  • If you can’t think long term and if you couldn’t care less about your grandchildren, you probably shouldn’t attend.
  • If you think you’re smart enough to make your own financial plans by researching on Google you probably shouldn’t attend.

Special Price

Discount Code: ADLWEALTH100

One time investment


Additional Resources

You will also receive our highly acclaimed personal financial calculators across Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. They don’t require any monthly subscriptions and are super easy to use. We're confident they will be a great resource to aid your personal financial management. 

The calculators include the following features:

  • Calculator 1: Impact of Inflation
  • Calculator 2: How much do I need to invest today to reach my goal?
  • Calculator 3: What’s my return on investment?
  • Calculator 4: What return do I need to double my money?
  • Calculator 5: What will my investments be worth?
  • Calculator 6: How long will my investment last from when I start drawing from it?
  • Calculator 7: Interest Only Mortgage - Repayment Vs. Lump Sum Investment
  • Calculator 8: Loan Amortization Schedule
  • Calculator 9: ADL Wealth 50:30:20 Budget Calculator
  • Calculator 10: ADL Wealth Snowball Vs Avalanche Debt Management Calculator
  • Calculator 11: Collective Investment Scheme Vs Property Investment

We expect that you’ll find this course and the resources high quality and great value.

However, if you'd like to explore your own planning don't hesitate to book a slot for an initial call, via the 1-2-1 Consultancy Call tab.


Audio Library

360 Wealth Management
Module 1 - Introducing Estate Planning and Wealth Management - Audio Preview
360 Wealth Management
Module 2 - Integrity of DIY Wills - Audio Preview
360 Wealth Management
Module 3 - Problems with Standard Wills - Audio Preview
360 Wealth Management
Module 4 - Protection of your assets - Audio Preview
360 Wealth Management
Module 5 - Assessing your estate - Audio Preview
360 Wealth Management
Module 6 - Strategies to reduce IHT - Audio Preview
360 Wealth Management
Module 7 - Strategies to reduce CGT - Audio Preview
360 Wealth Management
Module 8 - Taxation of trusts - Audio Preview
360 Wealth Management
Module 9 - Lasting Powers of Attorney - Audio Preview
360 Wealth Management
Module 10 - Faith based wills / Islamic wills - Audio Preview

Are you ready to take the first step towards a better planned out and better protected future for your children and grandchildren?



Who’s your Consultant?

Mohammad Uz-Zaman is an Private Client Wealth Manager licensed in the UK. He’s dual qualified across regulated Wealth Management and Trust planning. He holds the status as a Pensions Transfer Specialist, along with graduate and postgraduate degrees. He’s also adjudicated over 300 complex pension complaints and thus recognises good practice.

As featured in FT Adviser, The Sun, Express, and Heat Magazine


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